Hackintosh-Acer Revo 3610

After many hours of web-searching and trial and error, the Acer Revo 3610 has been successfully Mac’d with OS X 10.6.3 Retail DVD (Snow Leopard). Many thanks to the Foxconn Hackintosh Guide which was referenced as a starting point for my own success, with little deviation.

What Works?

Intel ATOM 330 OK patched kernel
nVidia ION GeForce 9400M OK full support OOB
nVidia ION Gb LAN OK full support OOB
nVidia HDMI Audio nil work in progress
Ralink RT3090 Wireless nil work in progress
Realtek ALC662 OK patched AppleHDA + Legacy kext

Available information regarding the Ralink RT3090 and OS X 10.6.3 is rather scarce. For the HDMI Audio, there are a few methods suggested on the web to enable audio on HDMI, thus I am confident it will be working soon. The wireless, however, has been my primary focus and is going to take some time.

Instructions for the Realtek ALC662 can be found here.

OS X Combo Update(s)

Currently, I have no interest in updating OS X. For my purposes, 10.6.3 is sufficient, unless an update is required for HDMI Audio/Wireless to function.

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One Response to Hackintosh-Acer Revo 3610

  1. izharskiy says:

    What about a possibility to install 10.8/10.9? Mountain Lion/Mavericks/OS X Server-3.0?

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